With the help of the SANOSON music therapy, I have not had to take any psychotropics, nor sleeping pills or sedatives since last fall. Thank goodness, because unfortunately I cannot tolerate most of the chemical medication.

I had problems when I was traveling and had to sleep in hotel beds, or when everything was new around me, or after an exciting day, even if it was a positive experience. Listening to the SANOSON music therapy program helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep all night without problems.

When I wake up with a thought like ‘it’s just not my day today’, then the morning program works like a miracle! I never thought it would be possible that I’d react so amazingly well to this program.

Listening to the prescribed music programs was a pleasure, and now, months after completion of the therapy, just remembering the music and humming the melodies still has a relaxing effect. I feel balanced and healthy again.

At the time I first heard the music, I had separated from my long-term partner. Through the separation, the music helped me to remain positive and productive despite the emotional stress I was going through. The music has stabilized me and helped me to feel comfortable again in a very short time! A very positive experience ! I want to thank you very much again and will recommend SANOSON whole-heartedly.

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At the beginning, I had a lot of anxiety and was in a depressive mood most of the time. I expected an improvement of my inner balance. Now, at the end of the five weeks, I feel much more stable and more relaxed and I hope it stays that way. My partner noticed that I was more relaxed lately.

~90% scientifically validated success rate


Implementation of 15 years of successful research

With a joint interdisciplinary scientific endeavour of the Universities of Salzburg, findings from a variety of different fields of science contributed to complete SANOSON’s music effect research. The achievement of the combined research efforts were integrated into SANOSON’s patented method and converted into an easily applicable and effective treatment modality.

30 minutes - twice a day

Regular listening to special music therapy programs is the basis of the method – utilizing a specially developed audiophile system which guarantees maximum neural stimulation. The listening schedule is usually comprised of 2 sessions of approx. 30 minutes length per day, 5 days per week for a period of 5 weeks.

High degree of efficiency and sustainable effectiveness

By applying the SANOSON-method, unconscious functions of the body and sensory perception are reset to a regular state. After a short time, the nervous system begins to recover. Some weeks after completion of the active listening phase, the effects are even more pronounced. During this time, the heart rate variability improves by a factor which corresponds to a biological rejuvenation of ten years of life.

Individualized – easily adaptable – personalized

A good therapy adapts to the patient. On the basis of the results of the individual diagnostic results, a personalized listening schedule is created and attuned to your own biological rhythm.

A pleasant experience – the joy of listening

You simply relax and allow the audio therapy to exert its effects. Applying specially composed music incorporating the individually appropriate frequency band, different brain areas are stimulated and body rhythms are recalibrated to restore a state of health in a profound way. The lost balance is regained. At the same time, the sonic experience appeals to the senses and allows a break from endless rumination and recurring stressful thoughts patterns.

Study participants

Scientific studies

Years of research

Hours of music

How it works


Step 1 - An Individual Assessment

Give us a call or send us an e-mail and find out how we can help you. When you have decided that you want the SANOSON therapy, the first step is a thorough assessment of how you are feeling. We will also conduct a work/life-balance check and a personal chronobiological profile.

Step 2 - Your personal listening schedule

Based on the analysis of your data, an individual listening schedule is designed and a compilation of individual music programs is created and provided to you on one of our special devices. The personalized listening schedule is attuned to your own biological rhythm.

Step 3 - Your part - enjoy the music

Listening to your personal program in your home, office – or wherever your may be – on a regular basis for 5 weeks with regular progress checks and a final assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the music therapy take?
    5 weeks, usually 2 times for 30 minutes each daily.
  • How long do the effects last?
    The SANOSON method restores the self regulating abilities of your organism and helps to regenerate your nervous system. This leads to lasting learning effects which remain intact in perpetuity.
  • Can the music therapy be combined with other treatments?
    The SANOSON method has been studied in clinical trials as a monotherapy and as an add-on therapy, and has proven to be effective as a sole treatment as well as a complimentary application to other therapies.

The music makes me so happy. I have become much more positive and optimistic. It’s beautiful to feel alive again.

The tunes are wonderful!

Since the SANOSON therapy I feel emotionally more stable, happier and more balanced.

When problems arise, I’m so much more serene now and I can distance myself better from them.

Through the SANOSON therapy, I feel productive and strong again. It has allowed me to overcome my acute work-related exhaustion and my motivation crisis. I have my joy of life back and feel full of energy. The SANOSON therapy is an excellent method to address and overcome stress-related problems. Many thanks for everything.

When I get up, I feel much more rested now with a sense of well-being. When I hear the music program in the morning still lying in bed, I feel fresh and comfortable. I believe this sense of well-being transmits to my colleagues and friends.

Not long ago, it was difficult for me to take initiative and to be active. I did not care if the house was not cleaned up. My sense of neatness was compromised. Now, I have everything better under control, I have the energy to do the housework and I enjoy that everything is clean and tidy.

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