A Quantum Leap in Music Medicine

The SOUNDLIFE SLEEP SYSTEM® utilizes scientifically proven effects of special MusicMedicine programs produced by SANOSON to enhance the quality of sleep, providing a natural source for calming, relaxation and harmonization of body, mind, and spirit. It helps to restore healthy sleep patterns for those who experience problems falling or staying asleep. It improves the sleep quality so significantly that it can help people to get the rest they need,  even with a shorter sleep duration than that of an ideal night

The SOUNDLIFE SLEEP SYSTEM® boosts heart rate variability, balances brain wave activity and improves heart-brain-coherence. emending somatic function and enhancing mental performance. These effects are based on the resynchronization of the physiological rhythms in the body and the brain. It so provides the base for optimal self-regulation of the underlying functions of physical and mental health and supports profound healing processes.


Helps falling asleep easily, reaching deep sleep, sleeping through and so improves sleep efficiency during sleep, activates important self-regulation, self-repairing and self-healing capacities


Synchronizes the body rhythms and counteracts the „social“ jetlag phenomenon and lack of sleep symptoms such as tiredness during the day, lack of concentration, listlessness etc.


Improves both emotional and work-related stress symptoms and increases resilience


Promotes the effects of medical and therapeutic interventions

The SoundLife Sleep System® – SANOSON inside.

The SoundLife Sleep System® is a combination of a specially developed music player, a unique sound pillow and a selection of innovative, auditory stimulation programs conceived by SANOSON and validated in over 14 years of clinical research at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg (PMU), Austria.
The SAMINA SoundLife Sleep System® was developed and designed by Vera Brandes, director of the PMU Research Program for MusicMedicine, internationally awarded music producer and CEO of SANOSON and Dr. hc. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, founder of SAMINA, Austria’s acclaimed manufacturer of organic bedding systems.


Chronobiology, Protection from EMFs and Superb Sound Quality

The SoundLife Sleep System® offers the world’s first electromagnetically shielded music reproduction technique which – in combination with a number of additional integrated technologies – form a highly effective system which helps you to fall and stay asleep unimpaired of harmful interferences. The specially composed music programs have been developed based on many years of research on the synchronization of human chronobiological rhythms through specific sounds and compositions.


Optimal Orthopedic Support for Neck and Shoulders

The prime quality orthopedic Sound Pillow has a highly elastic natural rubber core, which is adapted to the neck-head line and a replaceable 100% organic sheep’s wool sleeve in high quality merino quality and organic cotton, providing an ideal sleep climate. The flexibility of the pillow is further enhanced by a two-part latex body which allows for the adjustment to different heights.